Monday, April 18, 2011


In a conversation recently, a friend of mine asked, “Do you ever have sex dreams?” This was my answer:
I rarely remember my dreams.  When I was a kid, I used to remember my nightmares, but very rarely any other dreams.  As I have gotten older, the same is true. However, there is one major exception.  A friend of mine who lives in Louisiana introduced me to a new vodka that she loves.  It's a hand-crafted vodka from Texas called Tito's.tumblr_li0wddwYBf1qcwfxxo1_500  It has a wonderful smooth taste and mixes well with cranberry juice, which is what I most love it with.  I have found that it has one major affect on me.  When I've had a fair amount of it, not necessarily drunk, but a good buzz, I have sex dreams.  I realized this the first night I ever drank this particular vodka.  We were out at a bar, and we ran into this really hot guy who we started talking to.  Turned out his name was Joe.  He was this very hot, tall, dark, and handsome redneck from Georgia.  He was very nice, not homophobic like some rednecks, but it was pretty obvious he was straight.  Anyway, after we got home that night, I dreamed that he had come home with me.  When he undressed he had a beautifully muscular body (not overly done, but had muscles showing in all the right places) and had a huge cock.  I began by giving him a blow job and a lot of kissing before he rimmed my ass and then fucked me seven ways from Sunday.  We did it in every possible position my mind could think of.  I woke up and was quite saddened to realize it was just a dream, but it had gotten me so hot my dick was rock hard and covered in precum.
When I remember my dreams, it is a very sensual experience.  I can feel, smell, and taste the various parts of my dreams. Whether it is the masculine smell mixed with cologne, the hardness of his body against mine, the taste of his salty sweet cock, or even the sensation of his cock sliding into my ass or vice versa. It is like the person is really there, or the event is really happening.  Often, they are so vivid that when I wake, I find it hard to believe that they are not true.
What kind of dreams do you guys experience?  Do you have sex dreams?  How real do they feel to you?  Do you often remember your dreams?  I’d love to hear what you guys have to say about this.



Writer said...

I feel like all my dreams are at least slightly sexual but there's never any actual sex in them.

Some of them are downright frightening and intense and colorful. I'm lucky in that I do remember - at least for a while after waking up - most of my dreams. :)

The College Guy said...

I sometimes have dreams of a sexual nature but they come and go without any real pattern.

I once read that the people that appear in your dreams are people that you have run into in real life. You can not manifest a make believe person. Not sure if this is true, but find it sort of interesting.

queer heaven said...

I dream alot, but once I am awake the memory of them seem to fade. Very often thsy are sex dreams, but it seems that my sex partners are usually guys that I really do not care for at all. I have often wondered about that.

Anonymous said...

The few dreams that I remember usually have something to do with my attraction to men. There's usually a surreal quality to them and when I wake up I'm usually feeling nostalgic for earlier times in my life. There's usually no sex in these dreams but a great, senual feeling and desire for the men in them.

fan of casey said...

Joe: When you have such hot encounters in your subconscious mind, I say you should dream more often. :-)

Anonymous said...

First i want to thank you for your lovely and rather different blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading it and i often find your postings very interesting and sometimes amusing.
Men in general dream less or rather remember less than women, so that puts us in an inferior place compared to the other gender.

As for me, dreams have always been a significant part of my life. I dream a lot and I tend to remember the dreams. One can train the mind to do so. If you write the dream the very moment you wake up, you will get into the habit of remembering more. I also have sex erotic dreams but as one gets older, these dreams sadly become fewer and the sex not as you wished for :). This is life!

I am no dream expert, and I am still young.... and i will definitely look for that vodka.... hahaha

Joe said...

Thanks guys for your comments. It's interesting to see how other people dream or perceive their dreams.

G, I am very happy to hear that you enjoy my blog. It can be a bit random at times, but that is the way that I am. Oh and make sure you check out the Vodka. It is tasty.