Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moment of Zen: A Good Book


Freud is not really my choice for a good book to read, but a good book can transport you away from all of your troubles into another world of possibilities.


queer heaven said...

Oh how right you are... I've got my book and off to the beach to spend the afternoon. Oh, I am re-reading
"Giovanni's Room" one of my all time favorites.

Ipmilat said...

He has beautiful balls.

Anonymous said...

NIIIICE package! Yumyum!

Peace <3

x said...

Reading a book not only transports me to another place and time, it also helps me to understand my relationships and the way I interract with people through the author's narrative. It is as much a place of discovery az it is a place of escape.

Joe said...

QH, "Giovanni's Room" is one of my favorite books too. It is the first "gay" book I ever read, and believe it or not, I read it while laying on the beach.

VS and Jay, he certainly does.

Loki, I couldn't have said it any better. Reading is a great way to learn and it often gets me started on some research project of some kind or another because I want to know more about these places where I am transported to.