Monday, May 16, 2011


I was recently shocked by a student of mine who described something as “fantabulous.”  I had heard the word (maybe even used it myself), but I would have never used slang in a paper I turned in to one of my professors.  I do not consider slang to be proper English and therefore not a real word.  So I decided to look it up and see if it was in the dictionary.  It was in online dictionaries, and of course, it was listed in
According to
Are you tired of your old gay quotes?
Doesn't fantastic just feel like it used to?
Is fabulous already soooo used?
Then Fantabulous is for you!
Now with 50% more gay!

I hope you have a fantabulous day today.  I only have one more half-day of school (the students were gone on Friday), now it is just getting everything ready for summer and tying up loose ends. Who knew teachers did so much after school was out?


Anonymous said...

I knew teachers did so much after the kids are gone...hahahaha...5 years in a high school will do that to you.

What are your summer plans?

Peace <3

Mike said...

We still have 2 weeks. Boo. I'm not complaining- money for me.

Enjoy your summer!

fan of casey said...

Joe: Another sign the gays are slowly infiltrating the ranks of good society and undermining it from within. Haha, or that's what the conservatives would have you believe. I believe in a living dictionary, just like a living constitution that adapts to the changing times.

brotherdoc said...

When I first saw the word in the box it thought it said fantablows. Fanta is a European orange soda drink and I could not see the point. Then I saw it was not a w but a u. THEN I saw it was supposed to say fantabulous. Get the spelling right, teacher!
Thanks for the poem....

Joe said...

Jay, finally, I am finished for the year. I got my seniors graduated tonight.

Mike, thankfully, at my school, we get paid year round. I hope you will enjoy your summer too.

FOC, yeah, language is alway changing, but for an essay, students should be more formal. At least in my opinion.

brotherdoc, I changed the picture. I can't believe the picture I found had the word misspelled. I didn't even notice it. In the American South we have Fanta sodas too. We have orange and grape Fanta. They are quite popular here, so I would never say "fantablows" LOL.