Monday, July 30, 2018

Love, Simon

I have been wanting to see this movie since it came out. I finally got to see it on the plane from Chicago to Burlington. I happen to love romantic comedies, and I love gay movies. This is the perfect combination. The Hollywood Reporter said, “Love, Simon, a sweet, slick, broadly appealing YA adaptation (Becky Albertalli’s 2015 novel was called Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda) touted as the first major-studio-backed romantic comedy with a gay teen protagonist.”

There are two things in the movie that I loved. One is the process of coming out. It is different for everyone. For some it is easy, others it’s hard. For some it’s accepted, for some it’s not. The coming out process in this movie is not one of the easiest ones, but it’s not so difficult either. It definitely pulls at the heart strings.

The other thing is the love affair over the internet. You can get to know the most intimate things about a person online when it’s anonymous than you often can in person. Some people feel freer to talk online with someone than in person. It can bring two people very close. The internet can surprisingly bring an honestly that is amazing. I know sometimes it’s the opposite, but when you truly find a good person, the honesty can be so rewarding.


JiEL said...

Happy that you liked it.

I bought the Blu-ray on Amazone two months ago and viewed it also as soon at it arrived.

I liked it too but from my Quebecor and Canadian point of view I found it cute and not too much in phase with gay life here.
For sure, doing a coming out isn't easy for some but here, in Montreal and in my province de Québec, many young men and girls are at ease to do it and no need to do it like in the movie.

LGBT acceptance and approval is a normal thing in our society. As a high school teacher I often have LGBT teenagers in my classroom and it wasn't a big deal for them as for me and any other people in the school.

Must tell you that we have many groups of LGBT like «GRIS» that go to schools to talk openly of how it is to be gay as a youngster.
Also, gay public figures are often on the medias, actors, politicians, professionals etc... who are raw models to our youths.

This «Love Simon» is an American movie with American way of dealing with LGBT issues. One good thing about the movie is to see, at the end, how the other friends of Simon are backing him to finally be able to meet his anonymous lover.

Cute movie for teenagers.

JiEL said...

As you like nice love story gay movies, here is one I saw on one of my movie TV station.

God's Own Country is about a young farmer in England and a Romanian farm boy.
The young farmer has a bizarre behavior until the Romanian arrive to help his parents on the farm.
I will not tell you more but it worth to see.
A love story but in a rude environnement of the England remote country.

The final scenes are heart braking and the way the mother acts is quite surprising too….

David said...

I purchased Love, Simon and Call Me by Your Name, this weekend. I am going to watch both of them once I get some free time; maybe this weekend. Have you seen CMBYN? I've heard wonderful things about them both.

Joe said...

I have not seen CMBYN. I’ve heard it’s s good movie.

JiEL said...

I have bought the Blu-ray and saw it too.

It's a fairly nice movie, very poetic and sentimental.
Lot of nice Italian landscapes and cute scenes of those two love to be.

I Don't want to tell you how it ends but I was left on my appetite.

The kind of ending you see in «Mambo Italiano».....

OK. I'm getting quiet now.

See it, it's worth the view and very sensual too.

Anonymous said...

For me the real significant point in Joe's comment was not the film's content but the fact that it was viewable as a mainstream film on a commercial flight. How far we have come!

JiEL said...


I can understand that in USA, viewing a movie with this «cute and sober» gay love story, can be a mile stone.

Didn't you have shows like «Will and Grace» or a movie like «Brokeback Mountain» and many more gay theme shows that came before «Love Simon»?

To me, these are as far as some American open minded people can go because many Evangelical extremist states are still living in the 19th century way of thinking.

Just seeing how the LGBT rights are «cha-cha» dancing in USA and not accepted all over USA, yes, you did make some steps forward, but those steps are always in jeopardy according to who is in charge in Washington.

Gay marriage for example isn't recognised in ALL USA states yet.
I have gay American friends that told me the difference and that their matrimonial state isn't legal in some states.

Love Simon on a US plane my be an opening of some minds but not a big deal for me.