Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Winter Night

A Winter Night
Sara Teasdale

My window-pane is starred with frost,
The world is bitter cold to-night,
The moon is cruel, and the wind
Is like a two-edged sword to smite.

God pity all the homeless ones,
The beggars pacing to and fro.
God pity all the poor to-night
Who walk the lamp-lit streets of snow.

My room is like a bit of June,
Warm and close-curtained fold on fold,
But somewhere, like a homeless child,
My heart is crying in the cold.


Anonymous said...

In regards to the picture...WHY? Why the half-naked in the snow, black gloves, and all that ink...Just sayin...Otherwise a nice picture...

Anonymous said...

Yes, how many people die outside from the cold at this time of year? Too many, Roderick