Monday, January 27, 2020

Thank You

I want to thank everyone for their congratulations on my appointment as an Assistant Professor. I was asked if I would pursue my PhD again. The answer is that I would like to, but there are a number of issues. The first is finding the right PhD program. It would have to be near me or online. The only one near me is the University of Vermont, and if I chose that one it would probably be a PhD in Gender Studies. There are a few online programs, but I don’t feel that the right one is out there yet. The other is the cost. I do not want to add to my student loan debt, and I can’t afford right now to do it on my own. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Also, today is moving day. I took off work so that I could get it done. I will be moving the major stuff today. Then I have until Friday to get completely moved out and into the new place.


JiEL said...

Did you consider looking to Canadian university as McGill University or Concordia University here in Montreal.
Many students from all over the world and USA are coming here for the quality of our universities (French ones also) and the fees are much lower than yours for sure.

Just suggesting to investigate across the border.

Good news for your move in your new place.

Joe said...

I might consider a Canadian university. I remember there is one that is well known for WWI studies. If I spoke French fluently, I’d consider UQAM as it has one of the few PhD programs in museum studies,

JiEL said...

UQAM is a good university and on of my dearest friend, Louise, was teaching Art History there for many years.
For sure it's a French university but maybe you could investigate if there could be English version of their curriculum.