Thursday, January 30, 2020

Isabella and the Move

Poor Isabella was a bit traumatized by the movers. She hid in the box spring of my bed and was scared nearly to death when they tried to move it. I finally got her and shut her up in the bathroom where she proceeded to hide behind the toilet. When they left and I let her out, she promptly hid in the inner parts of my old couch that I’m getting rid of. When I got ready to take her to the new apartment, it was not easy getting her out of the couch and trying to get her in the cat carrier. It just served to traumatize her more. I finally got her in the cat carrier, which she did not like at all. When I let her out in the new apartment, she immediately hid. I tried to coax her out, but she just found a new place to hide. I finally picked her up and petted her head, and I knew then she was upset because she didn’t even fight me. She hates to be held. So I just let her alone to settle into her new home. After several hours, she finally came out and began very apprehensively to explore her new surroundings. By the time I went to bed, she had settled into her usual self and begging for head scratches. She ended up sleeping at the foot of the bed. I thought she’d finally settled in, but when I came home from work yesterday, she was once again hiding. However, as soon as I started cooking dinner, she came out and was out and about for the remainder of the night. I’m guessing it will take her a little while to get used to her new home. She’s found a favorite perch though;


João said...

Pets take their time to gt used. Give her some days, maybe a week and maybe she will get much better!

Big hug and kisses :D

JiEL said...
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JiEL said...

Don't worry, she'll adapt.
Give her time to do it.
Cats are more territorial and have to explore their environnement before they are at ease.

As I am a helping person for a cat shelter, cats behave differently but the main story when we move cats to their new home is just let them time to ajust to the place without rushing them.

For Isabella, she has an asset: YOU. She knows you and she did feel safe with you because she slept in bed with you the very first night.

Be patient my friend and in few days she'll be at ease in her new house.

Anonymous said...

Adorable photograph, Joe. Isabel is cute and from what we can see of the apartment, it looks attractive if traditional. Roderick

Anonymous said...

Put out her favorite toys and her bed. Some comfort in that familiarity. Also, suggest you leave a piece of your recently worn clothing on the bed..she will most likely sleep on that and it will provide her a familiar and trusting connection to you while you are away and until you return home.
It will take some time until kitty feels that this is "home". Patience while she adjusts.
Very cute cat!