Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Sleeping In

I get to sleep in a bit today. I have a eye doctor’s appointment this morning. I may end up taking the whole day off. As a general rule, they dilate my eyes, which more often than not give me a bad headache. It also sometimes take a while for the dilation to wear off. I am not going to go to work if my eyes are dilated or if I have a headache. I’ve actually put off an eye exam for longer than I should have, so it’s definitely needed. We’ll see if my eyes have gotten worse; I’ve never been to an eye doctor and my prescription hasn’t changed. We’ll see.


JiEL said...

I'm going to have the same on next February 5 at the hospital at the ophtalmology clinic.
Here it's a free examination. I'll have two tests to go through.

The dilatation of my iris doesn't give me any other problem but seeing the world in a whitish blurry way.

Hope You're not driving to get there and come back in that condition.
It's one of the restriction they say here, not to drive after the examination.<

Be cautious

naturgesetz said...

My retinologist has said I can drive after my injections. They're in the right eye, but they dilate both eyes. Of course, the eye gets sore, and if it's sunny, I need sunglasses, but I manage to do it.

I hope things turned out well for you.