Thursday, September 10, 2020

Eye Candy

 When I saw the picture above, I thought, “I’d like to come home to that every day.” Then, I thought, “I’d like to wake up to that every day.” I’ve been single for a while now, and there are no prospects on the horizon (certainly not in the middle of a pandemic), but it doesn’t hurt to daydream. This guy has a very sweet smile and by the looks of it, a nice little butt. He certainly has some nice arms, and he looks like he’d be pretty nice in the bedroom too. While I would settle for just someone to love me, I certainly wouldn’t turn down some eye candy. This guy is definitely eye candy.


Jeremy Ryan said...

I agree 100%.

JiEL said...

He's surely a «dream boy» and so many gay guys are still hoping to meet such a cutie.

But as you mentionned, he's just a «eye candie».
At the end of the 90's and beginning of the years of 2000 I was going to gay saunas, bathouses, to meet men. I must say that I've met quite cute and nice men there and I was also very careful too.

One day, there were that kind of cutie like the one you showed us here that was interested in me.
As usual, I never thought such cutie could want to have sex with me because I consider myself as a not cute man at all. So, as I was there with my all time friend, Guy, he was the one who told me: hey, JL, this cutie is seeking for you.

One thing leading to another we end up in my room and began exploring our bodies, kissing and the towels dropped down fast.
He was a very goood kisser and his body was gorgeous and his manhood was already straight up in full hardon.

After 3 minutes, I had to stop it for one reason that I couldn't really manage more.
This very, very , very cute boy had one thing I was not at ease with: his odor, smell.
Not that is was really stinky or bad armpit smell but that kind of «pheromone» odor that was a repulsive to me so I was no more attractive by him.

Till this day, I am always suspicious of those «gorgeous» boys or men in photos or even in real and asking this question: what does he smell...??

So many other reasons can make those «cuties» as some turn-off to me like men who smoke, alcoolics, drug addics, BS, big mouths etc...

Anonymous said...

Oh, honey...He needs to mature like a fine bottle of wine...Don't have the time or patience to train anybody....They better come housebroken these days...

Bobby b said...