Saturday, February 13, 2021


 Once again, Republicans have betrayed our country. Only seven Republicans voted guilty in the impeachment trial of the former president. The other 43 Republican Senators betrayed their oath of office to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Forty-nine abdicated their sworn oath a year ago when the former president tried to bribe a foreign president to interfere in the elections of the United States. They supported a president who for four years acted as if there was no limit on his authority. Then, they supported him when he tried to overturn an election by inciting a violent insurrection against the United States Congress. 

Worst of all, the defense for the former president put up no defense. The defense presented red herrings, slurs, and outright lies in their lack of understanding of the procedures of a Senate impeachment trial. They did not care to ask their client simple questions that could have provided evidence, which they did not because there was no evidence that the former president was not guilty. It should have been apparent to all Senators that the former president was so indefensible that all he could get to defend him were a group of ambulance-chasing personal injury lawyers who did not have the slightest understanding of impeachment proceedings or the U.S. Constitution. Their malpractice should be a disgrace to any lawyer in America.


Once again, we have been betrayed by the majority of Republicans in our federal government. How long will they be allowed to continue to betray us?


Anonymous said...

You must have missed the defense team unload all those videos of Democrats showing them using the same hateful language and rhetoric that they say the former president can't use. Why are they allowed to say things like "fight like hell", or to tell a crowd to get up in peoples faces, or make people feel not welcome? It's hypocrisy. The betrayal comes from both sides and shows the whole government as inept and unwilling to serve the people.

Joe said...

No, Anonymous, the betrayal falls squarely on the members of the Republican Party who supported the former president and voted to acquit him in an open and shut case where no defense was even offered. As I have said before, the defense team did not serve up a lesson in hypocrisy. They served up a red herring. If you do not understand the concept of a red herring, it is a statement or argument that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question. Hypocrisy, however, is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another or the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform. The House Managers presented factual evidence and presented it within the context of the charges against the former president. The defense on the other hand attempted to show hypocrisy using numerous statements out of context and failed to show how it was either germane or led to a violent insurrection against the US government and Constitution. They failed to do this because the evidence did not exist, and thus it is a red herring not hypocrisy. The former president was categorically guilty of inciting an insurrection.

The greatest hypocrisy today was Mitch McConnell declaring that the former president had undeniably incited an insurrection, but voted to acquit because he said the Senate did not hold the jurisdiction to hold the trial. McConnell is the person who prevented the former president from being tried during his time in office. Furthermore, McConnell’s reasoning was the moot point because the Senate had already decided that it was constitutional, and he should not have gone against the rules of the trial by just disregarding what had already been decided by the majority of the Senate.

JiEL said...

Well said Joe and I don't know why you even put «anonymous» such comments.
As those Trumplicans, they hide not showing who they are and can say anything without any consequences.

From now, all what is the hope is that ALL of the prosecution made in different courts, states and federal, can make Trump's life a real hell.
I think is the reason why he fought like a devil in holy water to remain in the White House to be protected from his laws suits.

The other hope is that USA's citizens cannot forget any of this IF, even in the future years, he dare represent himself in any political office.

Cannot imagine such bully or people like Marjorie Taylor Greene could ever even get near to represent themselves in any election in Canada.
They would be spotted as illegal and haters or cheaters etc...

Hope that Biden-Harris can get over and manage to do a better job to help your citizens to get out of this pandemic and economic crisis.

Best regard from Montreal