Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Emotional Day

Yesterday was an emotional day for me. I woke up once again with more head and neck pain. My neurologist sent me a message asking, "How are you doing? Has the pain improved?" I messaged her back to tell her that I had seen improvement through much of Saturday, but the pain began to return by Saturday evening and has continued to worsen since then. She ordered an MRI, which I will have done next week. I pray that if they find something, it won't be anything terrible. Honestly, it scares me that they are having such a difficult time controlling this headache. The pain of the last week and a half has caused me to be depressed. I have had headaches worse than this years ago, but I have never had one that was this intense for this long. I went years with a constant headache, but it came in waves. While I was never without pain during those years, I had days when the pain was not all encompassing, followed by periods of debilitating pain. This current headache has been close to being debilitating all the time. It has hindered my ability to concentrate. So, the pain is making me very emotional. 

Also, I watched the impeachment trial. The video that the House managers played was very disturbing and upsetting. I cannot see how anyone could not be moved by it. I believe that the video's editing could have been better because I think it would have been more effective with time stamps throughout, as much as possible, to show a better timeline of events. That aside, I think it was very effective. On MSNBC, Claire McCaskill reported that friends of hers in the Senate chamber saw some of the Republican Senators (Rubio, Cruz, Cotton, and others) refusing to watch the video and busied themselves with papers on their desks. She also said that some Democratic Senators turned away because they could not watch the videos and relive that day all over again. It was a brutal video to watch, but I think that no matter what political party you belong to, you should be paying close attention during the trial. Seeing Rep. Jamie Raskin choke up talking about his family being in the Capitol that day was also difficult to watch. It’s upsetting that it is unlikely that enough Republicans will vote to convict the former president of inciting an insurrection, but I know that most Republicans want to put their heads in the sand and ignore what happened. The former president’s lawyers made rambling and ridiculous arguments that contradicted each other. Nothing they said was convincing or based on reality. Castor did admit that the former president lost the election, but that’s been clear to most of us for months. Schoen just looked like a raging nutcase, but considering his client list, I expected no less.


Hopefully, today will be a more mentally stable day for me today, and there will be less pain physically.


Susan said...

I will watch most of the impeachment trial while at the same time realizing it is an exercise in futility. There is no doubt the House Managers will prove their case, but it will hardly matter to the majority of Retrumplican Senators. Being scared shitless of donnie's insane base, they can no longer afford to acknowledge truth or reality. I wonder how many of them realize they have sold their soul to the Devil—for nothing.

So sorry your pain is continuing, Joe. I wish you the best with the upcoming MRI. <3

naturgesetz said...

I'm sorry to hear that the pain is so much worse overall that what you used to experience. I hope the MRI gives helpful information, and that the pain subsides even before that. I really can't imagine how terrible it must be for you to have to go through that.

I neglected to tune in to the impeachment trial until late in the day. The House managers had finished and one of the defense lawyers was telling the senators that Nebraska is a great judicial thinking state. The short time they had too prepare a defense showed.

Lawyers are trained to look at questions separately. This means that Republican Senators who are lawyers should be able to set aside the question, "Is it constitutional to impeach and try Donald Trump now that he is out of office?" and move on to the separate question, "Is donald Trump guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors?" Lawyers can say that the first question is settled, even if they thought the answer should be different. They can accept the answer the Senate gave and move on. That's why Mitch McConnell has been quited as saying there is still a possibility he will vote to convict. It's a very slim hope, to be sure, but I'm not ready to give up completely just yet.

JiEL said...

This impeachment trial is looking like a real «farce» from here in regard of ALL the evidences that have been showed and more, of what those politicians had witnessed on January 6 and months before for Trump denial of the outcome of the election.

Those Trumplicans are so afraid of their moron base that they're shameless to even go against their duty on the Constitution of the USA.

All what is going on in your country since Trump entered the politic arena is not making «America Great Again» but is making your country look like almost a «banana country» where a dictator can do anything to remain in power no matter what.

Yes, he succeeded to build his wall, but that wall is the one around tha Capitol Hill making USA's democratic institutions at the mercy of rioters and Qanon fantasy lies and hate.

He also built a wall around USA pushing out the old times allies and showing some «love» to world most despicable dictators.

Biden-Harris have a huge task ahead to give back the reputation of USA on international place and doing it while your own country is struggling with the huge mess of what the bad management of the COVID 19 did on US citizens and economy.

Thank God, I live in Canada and even if I know that not all Americans are such silly ones, and saith this COVID restrictions, I don't know if I want to go visit my friends in Delaware again.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Joe, I am so sorry for you. It is very, very worrying. Hoping all is well, Roderick

Dave R said...

They won't convict because that makes them complicit. They would rather let the American voters fire their asses then grow a spine.

JiEL said...

@Dave R, No mattter the end of it, the Trumplicans are already accomplice of DJT as they never said anything about all the crap he said or put on Twitter etc.
They will never grow any spine of brain.

For letting the voters smashing their butts, no chance they will to it because their base is as brainless as them. Qanon and misleading posts on internet and lies etc... Those voters will never change their minds and like to think they are still living in the 50's UsA.

Don't call them «conservatives» but regressives.