Saturday, February 13, 2021

Moment of Zen: Pizza


Coop said...

Sausage? Heehee.

Hope your headache is doing better, Joe

Joe said...


Definitely sausage or πŸ†!

I am feeling some better. The pain comes and goes in intensity, but right now, it’s bearable.

Anonymous said...

Joe, When I saw that there was just the image (and he must have spent hours in the gym to get abs like that), I was worried about the pain preventing you from writing. So I am so happy that you are surviving. Roderick

VRCooper said...


Now, I love me some pizza. I don't eat it all the time. Maybe once a month, if that. When I do, I enjoy QUALITY pizza. None of this fast-food type stuff. When I lived in Alexandria, VA there was a great Italian restaurant in the Del Ray neighborhood that made the best pizza. The crust was homemade and the ingredients high quality. Love good peparoni, sausage, or Candian bacon options. Here in Denver, we have Blue Pan Pizza which is pretty good. I could not tell you when I last ate at a fast-food chain. I have never been a fan. Even when I was younger.

And yes, the boy is young, and maybe took him a few weeks to look like that. Can't forget good genes. I will not spend no more than an hour-give a little more-in the gym on weight or cardio days. I want to stay healthy but I don't want to go down that road of back, leg, chest day and into special powders and drinks. Please... Enjoy life. I knew a guy once who had an ok body, nothing too ripped but he spent two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening to look like he did. Not for me.

Enjoy your weekend.


Joe said...

Victor, I agree with you about pizza. I’ve never had better pizza than in Italy, but the closest thing was a little brick oven pizza place in Montgomery, AL run by an Italian immigrant. I like a good pepperoni pizza but my favorite is a prosciutto pizza. When I was in Italy for a month doing research, I had a pizza prosciutto almost every day for lunch. Not only was it delicious, it was also cheap, lol. That little place in Montgomery had a prosciutto pizza almost as good.

Have a great weekend.

Joe said...

Roderick, I’m glad that during the day, I am usually feeling better. It’s when I wake up and in the evening that I have the most pain, which is why I am still having the MRI on Tuesday.