Saturday, June 5, 2021

Moment of Zen: Pride



VRCooper said...

Not so fast mister!!

How did things go last night??

Did you secure additional funding for additional museum initiatives?

How did you do?

Joe said...

Everything went fine last night. We had beautiful (but a little bit too warm) weather for the outdoor reception. I did see plenty of people I knew and talked to them: history professors, my dentist, colleagues. I did not know most of the people, and we had a fairly large crowd.

I wore a suit that I haven’t been able to fit into in five years. I need to lose just a little bit more weight to be able to button it, but it wasn’t too small to be noticeable unbuttoned. My newer suit is just way too big. I do need to find a tailor and get my older suit altered. I’d like the width of the pants legs taken in a bit and the crotch raised, if possible. I’d love for the pants to be a bit more fitted.

I did not drum up new funding for the museum, but I did do a little networking to get more professors to use the museum in their classes. Getting professors o use the museum in their classes is about 50 percent f my job, but the pandemic and virtual classes has put a huge dent in that. We have not had enough in person classes to attract people to the museum, and the few professors I used to have using the museum left for other universities.

I do know that I will never miss a catering meeting again (I was off the day the had it). My boss and the exhibits curator cannot be trusted to make food decisions. Bruschetta (on crackers no less) and stuffed mushroom caps are not my ideal. I hate both tomatoes and mushrooms. The mini egg rolls are not good finger food, nor was the artichoke dip. I don’t 5ink anyone was complaining. What I ate tasted very good. It’s just they need to think a little more about what makes good finger foods.

All in all, it went pretty well. I was exhausted when it was over because I’d been standing and being charming for over three hours, but that’s all part of the process. Keeping a constant smile and charming people takes a lot out of a person. πŸ˜…

naturgesetz said...

Glad the reception went well. I hope the profs will make use of the museum.

VRCooper said...

Hello Joe,

Glad things went well. Now we have to follow up on those professors to see WHY they are not using the museum for their classes and what you can do to meet their needs.

A girl needs a suit to feel sassy in. Yes, a good tailor will help you out. I personally don't like the overfitted suits-especially the pants-these days and this new high water look. I remember a few years back they took men off the streets and dressed them up. One guy was dressed in a suit and it was fitted to the inch of his life. He looked good. But the guy said he liked the suit for the photographs but he could not wear the suit all day-like work. Also, guys STOP putting your hands in your pockets when you wear a suit. It ruins the cut. I was in the military and one way to break that habit was to sew the pockets shut. In the military, you are not allowed to have your hands in your pockets. Also, a tip from Uncle Vic, when you have a suit fitted bring with you all the gear you carry-wallet, phone, keys...The suit will be fitted around that. I love suits that have extra inside pockets. I don't carry much and my wallet is next to nothing. Also, bring the shoes you will wear with the suit. A slight break in the pant is acceptable but this pool look on the bottom screams I am lazy and didn't have my pants properly hemmed. I mentioned my height in the past but I am also a thick man. Meaning I am not rail thin with my height. I have thighs and a butt-not big but not flat eighter. I hate to see guys with a flat butt and it looks like they pooped their pants. This screams fit AND pull up your damn pants. I was talking to a tailor once and he told me that if men wear their pants where they should-at the hip-that we would see longer inseams in stores-not all men are 33 or 34.

Let's get to the food. Yes, proper finger foods are a must. Can't be sloppy stuff. And it has to fit the taste of the majority of folks in attendance. Can't be too fancy where folks are saying "what the hell is this" and passing on to something tried and true. We don't want boring eighter. Just right, in the middle. It may be stereotypical but we gays can put our foot in some catering. Been there done that.

Glad it went well. Yes, shmoozing is part of the job, and thank god it is not every day. I would shoot myself. But I can muster every now and then.

Enjoy your weekend. Relax. Do something fun. Get out of the house. And get into some good trouble-wink-wink.

Best dear,


Joe said...

Victor, working at a military college, I am well aware of the “no hands in pockets” rule. Our former university president was a stickler for not allowing anyone to put their hands in their pockets. We were actually told that during orientation, and even though I am not a uniformed staff/faculty member, there are certain things we are still expected to follow. Once I get down to the weight I want, I definitely need to get a tailored suit made.