Friday, June 4, 2021

Pic of the Day

I accidentally scheduled this for 6 am instead of my usual 6 pm posting time, so there will not be another evening Pic of the Day.


BosGuy said...

Nice follow up photo from yesterday's the clothes make the man post.
I'm sure you'll look fine in your suit tonight at your event. Best of luck.

Joe said...

Thanks, BosGuy. I couldn't decide whether to use this picture for today's earlier post or use the one I ended up using, so I used them both for different posts.

JiEL said...

Not possible here to make the same mistake as we go on 24 hours clock as 6 o'clock is in morning and 18 o'clock is the end of the afternoon.

Your clothes text was nice but as we say in French: "L'habit ne fait pas le moine." Which means that the «suit doesn't make the monk»

We know many men with suits and ties that are such «ass holes» and thieves too.
Matt Gaetz, Epstein and worse, DJT are wearing expensive suits and they aren't very honorable persons.

I never judge a person on his clothes for many reasons that those clothes don't always reflect the real soul and minds of the ones wearing them.

For sure, there are some clothes specificaly designed for diverse situations.