Sunday, December 11, 2011


Not me, but I feel the way he looks.

I had a Christmas party to attend last night. Lots of hot rednecks (I live in a rural area remember), but sadly, all are straight. When you live in a rural area, there are always going to be rednecks at a party.  It was a lot of fun, but too much beer, so I feel like crap today.  There is this one guy who is always at these kinds of things, and he is so freaking hot, it is amazing.  His jeans were so tight, that he had to have been poured into them.  Oh, to see that ass naked, LOL, but at as tight as those jeans were, there was not much left to the imagination.


Anonymous said...

Hope a few cups of coffee and some aspirin help, Joe! Hangovers are no fun.

Peace <3

silvereagle said...

Wonder what the young man in the tight jeans was trying to communicate? And was he talking to the girls or to the guys? I often attend some sort of function and that same guy must be where I am as well!!! Certainly does give a good fantasy in the mind!!!

Unknown said...

I'm surprised to think there's a redneck in tight jeans. I thought the style was baggy for them?

Hope the hangover is shorter than longer.

. said...

Goodness Joe...I thought I was the only one who lived near rednecks. Glad you had a good party!! Have a good week grading papers and getting ready for some much deserved time off work!!