Sunday, July 12, 2020

10 Years

I can't believe the journey started 10 years ago today when I started my blog, The Closet Professor. During these 10 years, I’ve published 4,437 posts, and had nearly 4 million views and 19,000 comments. 


How my life is different from back then! In July 2010, I had just finished my first-year teaching at a private school in Alabama. I was miserable working in a job that paid little, and with bills that continued to mount. Now, 10 years later, I'm living in Vermont, have a great job as a Museum Curator, hold the academic rank of Assistant Professor, and make a salary more than double what I was making then; plus, I have insurance and retirement. Ten years ago, I couldn’t imagine any of this especially living in Vermont of all places. The only thing I might have thought would happen by 2020 was I would be an Assistant Professor. I had also hoped to have my PhD., but unfortunately, that was not to be. To make a long story short, I had a terrible dissertation advisor, and it went downhill from there.


During these 10 years, I’ve posted almost daily and sometimes with more than one post. The only times I didn’t post were when depression overtook me because of the deaths of loved ones. The best thing about this blog is I’ve made wonderful friends. When times have been the toughest, y'all have been here, and helped me get through so much. If it weren’t for my friends, and I consider all of you who read this a friend, I wouldn't have kept this blog going all this time. Thank you for these amazing years, and let's hope for at least another ten!


Anonymous said...

Your blog has been my daily read for more years than I care to recall, and it has been worth every minute. I do hope that you will persist! Thank you a thousand, Roderick

Unknown said...

Bravo congrats

Susan said...

Congratulations, Joe! I'm so glad I discovered your blog in 2014. Our friendship is a high point in my life! Looking forward to knowing you and your blog for many more years.<3

JiEL said...

Congratulations and «félicitations» in French.

You know me and I always read your blog daily and even if I'm not always in pace with your belieives, I surely love to read all you write.

We have a cultural gap but I'm learning alot when you post some English litterature and poems.

Live long and prosper my Vertmont friend.

Anonymous said...


Thank you much for making each day something to look forward to.

I wish you nothing but the best as you move forward to a better you in life.

For some reason, I can't see the picture. Just a white empty box with a thumbnail in the upper left-hand corner.

Once again, thank you for your commitment.


Anonymous said...

You have been part of my Sunday reads for years now!

Thank-you for your efforts.


MarcR said...

I've enjoyed your blog for some years now. Thanks for all your lovely thoughts and pictures xx

Cody said...

I recently discovered your blog and I love your writing, Joe. I am still making my way through some of your older posts. I was not aware that you were a teacher at a private school in Alabama. I teach at a private school in Mississippi. I'm so glad that all of your dreams are coming true!