Saturday, April 17, 2021

Moment of Zen: Country Boys

I grew up surrounded by country boys, so my earliest crushes were all county boys, and I still have a thing for them. Most of the ones I knew didn’t wear cowboy hats but baseball caps, like the guys below.

BONUS: A country boy with a Jeep, two sexy things that just go together.


Anonymous said...

LOL! So, after some busy posting, I got around to your blog and opened it expecting the latest (and hopefully positive) info. about your teeth (both the oral surgeon and the cleaning) plus the trip to Montpelier - and what did I get? COWBOYS and a Jeep!!! (which I suppose is the embodiment of machismo but whatever) Disappointed in you Joe, Roderick

JiEL said...

No.2 5. 6 & 7 are my favorites.

Those corn fed guy are awesome.
Lets get in the barn and roll over in the hay and... MMMMM!

Joe said...

Roderick, I needed something to cheer me up. The dental appointment went fine. I have a filling they’ll do on May 5, but according to them, all the oral surgeons are booked solid. I will be calling on Monday to see about any changes. Maybe I can at least get the extraction done on the same day as the consultation.

I had a rough reaction to the COVID vaccine yesterday, but I slept well last night and am feeling better today. I’m feeling sort of stiff and have a slight headache, but I am not in the pain and discomfort I felt yesterday.

I’ll make a trip to Burlington tomorrow if I’m feeling this well. Today is just too gloomy and cold. Tomorrow’s weather won’t be a lot better, but it should be a little warmer.

Anonymous said...

Joe, sorry to be so negative about the Cowboys (only one had tats and all were clothed) in view of what your describe. As to the oral surgeon, might I suggest that you state that you will take any cancellation no matter what the day and whatever the shortness of notice? If the office agrees, you could inform your boss of the situation. Sorry about the bad reaction to the second shot - that seems to be frequently the case - and the poor weather. Thinking of you, so you are not alone, Roderick