Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Pic of the Day


Anonymous said...

Joe, GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. Kudos to the jury for following the old dictum "Let Justice be done though the Heavens fall." I do hope that the trial judge throws the book at him. Roderick

Joe said...

Roderick, I had expected the verdict would be guilty. Chauvin's lawyers seem to barely put on a defense. However, with that being said, if the sentence is not appropriately harsh, then, in my opinion, this was just a show trial. Far too often, when law enforcement officers are convicted of a crime, the sentence is often far too lenient, which is one reason why this keeps happening. If the sentencing and judgements were appropriately harsh, then law enforcement would be more considerate and act appropriately.

I have known some wonderfully kind and professional law enforcement officers, but there are also those who are just bullies who enjoy using excessive force. Those who are bullies have been bullies their whole life, and they should have never been allowed to be in law enforcement. There must be better psychological screening for those going into law enforcement, and a database of those officers who have committed offenses so that they can't just go to another department where their record is unknown.