Friday, March 23, 2012

A Little Inspiration

Each of us has been born with a genius. There is something that each of us do very well. It has been assigned to us, and yet many of us ever really pause in life to discover it deeply and then apply the other necessary ingredient. And that is drill. That is practice. That is taking that which is good and making it great. That is pursuing your niche. That is unveiling your uniqueness. That is finding your voice and learning how to vocalize - not like everybody else - but your way. That requires you to at times to swim upstream, to go against the flow, to stand out in the crowd declaring – ‘here I am, and here is what I offer to create a much better world – that is now better because I have not hidden my gift – and have risked rejection by bringing it forth in public.
~Peter G. James Sinclair

Peter G. James Sinclair is the international best selling author of a number of highly acclaimed motivational books including Good Things Don’t Come To Those Who Wait. The title of this book summarizes his philosophy, which he carries over and into all his business ventures.



Queer Heaven said...

I just wanted to wish you good morning and a wonderful weekend

Joe said...

Thank you, QH, and to you as well.

Anonymous said...

True words.

Peace <3