Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moment of Zen: Sleep

The stress of this week has been difficult. I woke up yesterday morning with a stiff shoulder and neck, probably from tossing and turning for the past several night.  I took a pain reliever, but my medicine to relax the muscles always causes me to fall asleep.  So, I waited to take that when I got home and was ready for bed last night.  I did, and apparently, I needed that sleep and something to relax me.  Subsequently, I ended up sleeping most of the day today, but I feel much better.  Sometimes, we just need some rest and relaxation.


the island guy said...

Glad you feel all rested. It's always nice to feel rejuvenated

silvereagle said...

Glad your could rest on Saturday....but be well attuned to the class room on Monday...Your students need you..The city needs you. The state needs you. Why, you ask.....just look at the Friday headline on the local paper's internet site....which is still present on Sunday morning:

Judge tells Alabama gambling trail jury to keep at it

Did not know of the gambling TRAIL in you know the location??

Emphasis will be on spelling on Monday, vs internet word check I hope.

:-) :-)