Monday, January 17, 2022

Decisions, Decisions

Every night, I plan out what I am going to wear the next day. I used to plan things out a week ahead, and while I still have a vague idea of what I’ll wear each day to work, I usually make the final decision the night before. However, when it comes to plans for events, whether at the museum or out with friends, I tend to plan those outfits well in advance. This week, I don’t have any events, and I’ll mostly be installing the new exhibit, so I will dress for comfort. I will also dress for the weather. Today is expected to be quite a snowy day, though the temperatures will be more mild. The rest of the week, the mornings will be significantly colder as I’ll wake up each day with subzero temperatures. 

Some of you probably think I’m silly or shallow because I worry so much about what I’ll wear, but truthfully, I wish deciding my outfit for the day was the only decision I had to make. I’m still looking for an apartment. I’ve found a few that are available but getting someone to answer my inquiries has proved to be quite an issue. Also, I really have to decide what is actually affordable for me because rent has gone up here by quite a bit. I also need to decide how far away from work I want to live. I’m pretty certain I have no desire to live in the same town where I work, which I have done for the past six years or so. It always seemed because I'd lived the closest, then I get called on to deal with more stuff. Take today for instance, the snow is supposed to be terrible and I may be the only one who can make it into work. That can get annoying real quick.

When the time comes for me to make the final decision about a new apartment, I only hope that Ralph Waldo Emerson was right when he said, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”


BosGuy said...

I wish you luck with your apartment searc. I'll offer some unsolicited advice from a former manager of mine. Many years ago I was trying to figure out how close to the office I would live. He said, find a place where you will be happy and then whether it is close to the office or further away you won't mind.

Dakoda said...

I love the Emerson quote! I admire your fashion consciousness. I am the worst gay ever. Since the pandemic, our school has basically thrown out the dress code as long as we are dressed in a decent manner. I have gotten way too used to wearing t-shirts and blue jeans everywhere. If the policy ever changes, I'm going to be so disappointed. I love dressing for comfort. lol. I hope you find the perfect apartment for you soon, Joe!

RB said...

Is there any faculty/staff housing at your university? Sometimes available at a subsidized rate. The university probably wants to keep as many adults on campus as possible.