Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Why I Can’t Leave Vermont

Why I Can’t Leave Vermont 
By Anonymous 

It’s winter in Vermont 
And the gentle breezes blow
72 miles per hour at 52 below.

Oh how I love Vermont
When the snow’s up to your butt
You take a breath of winter air
And your nose, it freezes shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful 
So I guess I’ll hang around.
I could never leave Vermont
Cause I’m frozen to the ground.

I don’t know who wrote this poem, though it’s been posted in several places on the internet, including the Vermont Country Store’s Facebook page. I initially saw it elsewhere on Facebook, and it made me laugh when I read it. 

While the “ 72 miles per hour at 52 below” is an exaggeration, we did have real temperatures of -21 degrees with a windchill of -30 or lower. During our last snow storm, we got 11” of snow, while that’s not up to my butt, the snow drifts did make up to my knees. The most accurate lines in this poem are:

You take a breath of winter air
And your nose, it freezes shut.

I have had the wind blowing so hard and the temperature so low that my nose did feel like it froze shut.


BosGuy said...

Very cute poem. I've never heard / seen this one.
Hopefully Mother Nature will break up with Ol' Man Winter soon enough.

JiEL said...

Well this is what it's like to live in NORTH AMERICA..

On a positive note, there are no musquitos around to bother us.... LOL!

This will make us appreciate Spring and Summer time.
Then, some will complain that it's too HOT outside...

We must live each seasons for all the good they give us.