Saturday, October 3, 2020

Moment of Zen: Margaritas



Anonymous said...

Joe, I somehow feel that that's where you want to be at this moment. Hope the bursitis is not too bad but I guess the lack of a full post is not a good sign. I'm thinking about you (while not glued to the television for the latest developments!) As ever, Roderick

Joe said...

Roderick, that’s definitely where I’d like to be right now, but I don’t know which I want more: him or the margarita. LOL. My hip was doing better when I got up this morning, but the pain gets worse as the day goes on. It’s pretty painful right now. I’m trying to watch the news as little as possible because while I hate to see anyone sick or suffering, the thought “karma’s a bitch” keeps making me inwardly smile. I feel bad for feeling that way, but I also feel for all the people who’ve lost friends and family members because of this man’s incompetence and lack of compassion.