Thursday, October 29, 2020

Pic of the Day


Anonymous said...

Joe, I hope you are feeling less stressed by the election. In a recent tweet, Nate Silver wrote: The Supreme Court rulings seem consistent with "SCOTUS will break a tie for Trump so Dems had better hope it's out of the recount margin" and not "SCOTUS will go to outrageous lengths to hand Trump an election that he's clearly lost". I texted that to my daughter and she replied: He very much failed to get the 2016 election correct and — more importantly — is not a legal scholar so I don’t have much faith in this. I give up! Roderick

Joe said...

Roderick, I said almost exactly what your daughter said to a friend just a few minutes ago. I’m praying SCOTUS doesn’t get the chance to hand an election to Trump.

My hope is that Robert’s will do all in his power not to get SCOTUS involved because he knows it will destroy the reputation of the Court for no less than a generation. Roberts may be a conservative and one of Bush’s lawyers in Bush v Gore, but I think he truly believes in the integrity of the Court.

The Senate made a fool of him when he had to preside over the impeachment, and if the Court gives an election to Trump that he did not win, the Robert’s’ Court will go down in history as the most corrupt Court. He’s already a footnote in history for presiding over the sham of an impeachment. He won’t want to make the history books as presiding over the most partisan and corrupt Supreme Court in our nation’s history.

I just pray I’m correct about that.