Monday, October 12, 2020

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Anonymous said...

Joe, did you see the doctor today? If so, what did he diagnose and what did he prescribe, if anything? Roderick

Joe said...

Roderick, I did see my doctor today. He told me the pain is bursitis of my left hip, but it does not appear to be related to trauma because I haven’t fallen or injured it in any other way. I discussed what treatments are available, and given that this is not traumatic, he said it is likely related to a tight gluteus medius, which has put my hip out of alignment, causing the bursitis. Therefore, he wants me to complete a course of physical therapy treatments before he will consider a steroid injection. He said that a steroid injection was helpful mostly when there was trauma, but because mine is a tight muscle caused by sitting at my desk a lot during the time I’ve been working from home, an injection would do little good and could cause harm to the tendons. Also, at this time, an injection would only relieve the pain for a few days. If it had been a traumatic injury, an injection would be more successful. He told me to ice my hip and use heat over my gluteus medius and continue with the home exercises my physical therapist gave me. He said that if I am continuing to have significant pain when I am scheduled to see him next month, then he would consider an injection. If it gets worse before then, I am to go back in to see him, and he will perform an injection sooner. As for helping with the pain, I can only take the pain medicine given by my neurologist because other pain medications can cause my headaches to flair back up.