Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Pic of the Day



Anonymous said...

Joe. Yes, I know you wrote that you are not going to mention politics in this week's posts, but I would love to know what is your mother's present attitude to Trump's situation. I expect that she is on her knees all night, praying. Roderick

Joe said...

Roderick, the last time my mother spoke about politics to me, she said she’d told my sister that they need to pray that Trump won re-election. Then it turned into an argument, and we haven’t mentioned politics since. In fact, I’m not talking to her very much right now. I doubt I’ll talk to her at all this week because she and my father have gone on vacation to the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina. My mother hates all Democrats and votes straight ticket Republican, so nothing is going to change her mind. In fact, Fox News is just going to reinforce all her idiotic beliefs.