Saturday, March 20, 2021

Moment of Zen: Cuddling

This is what I miss most about having a boyfriend: laying in bed in each other arms. Besides a hug, it’s one of the safest and most comforting feelings.

I especially miss it during cold winter nights in Vermont.


JiEL said...

Me too I miss those intimate moments when still in bed, you can cuddle with my lover.

Did it many times in my past relationships and it's one of what I miss so much.

Anonymous said...

And lying there reminds me of the nights we have spent together, starting with one in Chicago, after we had got engaged but not yet married (it was just holding each other, nothing more!) Roderick

It's Just Jake said...

My cat likes to cuddle. Right up against my face... It's worrisome because any other time he's is the bitiest guy. Someday I'm going to lose a nose!
He does bites the hand that feeds him, frequently.

So much like a real boyfreind... :)