Friday, July 20, 2018

Pic of the Day


I miss having a swimming pool. I used to have one in Alabama, but few pools exist up here in Vermont. I guess even in the summer the water stays too cold. Some people around here seem to even wait until August to go to the beach because the water has finally warmed up some. Of course, people who are used to it up here don’t seem to mind the colder water. I guess they’ve never experience what it’s like to have a day so hot that you sweat as soon as you step out the door and then go plunge into a cool, but not cold, pool. Of course, with that type of pool, your body acclimates to the temperature and it just becomes heaven. Oh well, maybe I just need to experience the waters up here. There are a few gay swimming holes in Vermont. Maybe one day I’ll get into shape and brave the cold water.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Pic of the Day

Neil Rafferty for Statehouse

Well, here’s some slightly good political news during what is proving to be an otherwise very bleak week in American politics…

After a tough primary followed by an even tougher runoff, a former U.S. Marine and openly gay man running for a House seat in Alabama’s 54th district has just won his party’s nomination.

Neil Rafferty announced his bid for a seat in the Alabama House back in February of this year.

The seat is being vacated by Democrat Patricia Todd, the state’s first gay legislator, who announced in January that she would not be seeking reelection.

Yesterday, Rafferty won the Democratic runoff election, receiving 2,531 votes, or 67.12 percent, of the vote. His opponent Jacqueline Gray Miller, an environmentalist and marketer, trailed behind him at 32.88 percent.

So how did he celebrate his runoff victory, you wonder?

By going to a bar, of course!

After the results came in yesterday evening, Rafferty, who works as the director of research and development at Birmingham AIDS Outreach, took to Facebook to invite his friends and supporters to celebrate with him at Crestwood Tavern, a local dive bar.

But today it’s back to work for Rafferty. He needs to prepare for the general election in November, where he will face off against Independent Joseph Baker.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Pics of the Day

Busy, Busy

Last night, I spent the evening doing class work for the online museum studies class that I am taking. There were a lot of readings this week and we didn’t have as much time to work on them because the original links were dead, so we had to wait for the new links to be posted, I spent the night reading about family visits to museums. So anyway, I was up late doing homework last night,