Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moment of Zen: Summer Afternoon

I struggled with what to subtitle this post, but then I realized that what drew me to this picture is that it is an ideal way to spend a summer afternoon.  Throw out a blanket the pier at the lake (in a park or at the beach, wherever you find solace) with a hat, sunglasses, and a book. Even though there is no one visible in this picture, you know that the guy is having a great relaxing afternoon, probably swimming in the lake and will go back to his book later.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, somewhere north of about latitude 45 deg North!

HAHAHAHA! It's too bloody hot to do ANYTHING outside if you're not IN the water and it is cooler than ambient air which around here is tough to find!

But it is a zen moment.

Peace <3

Joe said...

It is too damn hot out there, Jay. Right now, my zen is the AC, LOL.

Dean Grey said...


Though I'd prefer a cool, rainy day to a sunny one.


Joe said...

Dean, I love cool rainy days too. A great thunderstorm is the perfect time to curl up in a chair and read a book. That is really my perfect type of day. I just loved this picture, and thought there was something very Zen about it.