Friday, November 12, 2021

A Perfect Storm

Combine stress, rain, and that it’s nearly time for another Botox treatment and you have the perfect storm for intense bouts of pain from my trigeminal neuralgia and migraines. I had to leave work early the past two days. I’d consider calling in sick today, but I’m the only one available to work. However, I’m hoping today will be better. I’m supposed to go to dinner with friends tonight, and I really don’t want to miss that. I haven’t been able to spend time with these two ladies in months, and I’ve really missed them. Here’s to praying that my headache is better today.


SagebrushDan said...

Bless you. I do hope you get better. Take care, my friend.

RB said...

Have you tried float therapy? This is where you float in a tank of warm salt water for about an hour. Might help you relax more and could help the headaches.