Monday, November 1, 2021

Cat People 🐈‍⬛

There are basically four types of people in this world: cat people, dog people, those who like cats and dogs, and those who don’t like pets. I fall squarely in the cat people category. I do not like dogs. Sometimes, I can tolerate them, but they still make me nervous. I have been afraid of dogs most of my life. I was traumatized by one as a child, and I’ve never been able to get over it. I don’t like dogs. I don’t like the way they smell. I hate to hear them bark. I can’t stand for one to lick me or slobber all over me. I absolutely despise when I tell someone I don’t like dogs and have been afraid of them since I was a child and they respond, “Oh, but you’ll like my dog. He’s so sweet and lovable.” No, I am not going to like your dog. I may tolerate him, but I’ll never be comfortable around him. I just wish people could understand that and not get offended. I had a boss once that found it hilarious that her dozen little dogs would jump all over me, and she was convinced that her dogs were the exception to my feelings about dogs. They were not, and it was absolute torture every time I had to go to her house. So, as the sign below says, “NO DOGS, NO NOT EVEN LITTLE ONES.”

Cats are a different story. I love cats.I don’t think they smell at all, and if you take care of their litter box (or have an automatic one like I do) it won’t smell. The noises cats make are nowhere near as annoying, and a cat’s purr has been found to have a calming effect on humans. Most won’t lick you or slobber on you. Sometimes, they cuddle with you, and sometimes, they just do their own thing. For someone who enjoys their solitude, a cat can be a perfect companion because they often like their solitude as well. Isabella is not one to cuddle, but my previous cat Victoria was. Sometimes, I wish Isabella cuddled more, but cats always have their own personalities, occasionally multiple ones in the course of five minutes. One pet or scratch too many and you’ll know it. For me, that’s all part of their charm, and once you know a cat, then you can see when their mood has changed.

P.S. If you look at this post on an Apple mobile device, then you will see a black cat as the emoji, but if you view it on a Mac, PC, or Android device, you will see a orange and white cat with a black box next to it. Sorry about this. Apparently, not all devices can see the black cat emoji. The title should have looked like what is below:


Patrick said...

I agree with you Joe give me a cat any day, I love that they are so independent and very loving depending on their mood.

Dillon said...

I am definitely a dog person. We might make bad roommates, Joe. πŸ˜‚ My boyfriend's dog, Ruger, is my baby. 😍

taurusd2 said...

Joe...Isabella is beautifully. She reminds me of our cat Blackie, so named by our two sons because the kitten was black (duh). But the name stuck. He was sweet, and we inherited him from the neighbor who, in cold weather, when out to his car and when starting it killed the mother who had crawled up into the engine with her kitten to keep warm. We loved him and took him in. He was playful, immediately toilet rained, thought he was a puppy :-: , and became a member of the family. He looked gorgeous sitting on a pumpkin on Hollowen with his yellow eyes. Even today, we remember stories about him and miss his presence. Do enjoy your Isabella.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Cat urine is simply intolerable! If I want aloof, I’ll get a younger gay boyfriend, lol! I understand that many people are afraid of dogs, I’m sorry you have not been able to experience the joy they have brought me! 😊