Saturday, October 23, 2021

Moment of Zen: “Safe/Haven”

Labeled “Young Man Posing for Polaroid, 1959,” this photograph from the Cherry Grove Archives Collection and a gift of Don Steeple is part of the New York Historical Society’s exhibit “Safe/Haven,” showcasing photographs of LGBTQ people in Cherry Grove, New York, a popular vacation getaway for the community in the mid-century.


You can read more about this exhibition here and here.

Curator Confidential: Safe/Haven: Gay Life in 1950s Cherry Grove


SagebrushDan said...

Absolutely fascinating documentary. It left me even more grateful for the early pioneers, who didn't even know they were pioneering. I came out in 1973, and it was people like this who made it easy for me.

Lo Sagrado y la Profesión (The Sacred and the Profane) said...

This was so enjoyable to watch; thank you so much for sharing.