Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Question of the Day

If you have Twitter and you follow many gay men, then you have probably seen the image below. It’s obviously all in good fun, but I have to say, there is some accuracy there. I’m not going to say which one I fit under, but it is remarkably accurate for me. I wear a variety of styles of underwear, but one of these is my preferred choice. I’m not asking you to tell what underwear you prefer, but I’d love to know in the comments how accurate it is. I’m also going to put an anonymous poll at the bottom, just to see where everyone falls, if you don’t mind clicking on the underwear that you often wear.

Also, here’s a fun video from The Underwear Expert explaining the different types of underwear. I’m sure there is nothing new to any of you in this video, but Jared North is a hottie and fun to watch.



Dakoda said...

This is not accurate for me at all. I wear boxers. πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

Not Accurate for me either. I wear TRUNKS


Jeff said...

Boxer Briefs and yes, predominately a top. Although I like a little bottom from time to time!!

David said...

Not accurate for me at all! The meme assumes everyone is some form of top or bottom, or both, as in "vers." Some of us are neither top or bottom. I think "side" is the technical term, although not necessarily describing the position. And for the record, I wear a variety of briefs - all the way from the traditional chunky white through the whole range of coloured variations down to the bikini.