Saturday, August 1, 2020

Moment of Zen: Cats

I can't have a Moment of Zen about cats without my own girls. Here is Isabella. If you don't know, she's the cat I adopted in Vermont and currently lives with me.

I'm not sure I have ever posted pics of my other girls on this blog before, but here is Lucy (L-gray calico) and Edith (R-black calico). They are my girls who live in Alabama with my aunt. I adopted them after Victoria, my cat of 16 years, died. I wasn't originally allowed to bring them to Vermont because I couldn't find an apartment that would let me have cats. They had to stay with my aunt, who now won't let me have them back. She really would, but they are happy where they are. It's the only home they have ever known besides the animal shelter.

All my girls are very sweet. Isabella is my constant companion. Edith is always demure at first when she sees me, but she eventually warms up and is happy to see me. She just doesn't always show it right away. Lucy is the shy one and a real scaredy cat. No one but my aunt ever sees her, except when I come home and she hears my voice, then she will come out, but only when she is certain no one else is around. 


Anonymous said...

Joe, I don't think you have ever posted pictures of the two, unless it was before I started reading the blog. I recall you were unhappy about not taking them but it was a wise decision. I always keep thinking of Isabella as Isabel! What makes cats so enjoyable is that they are not dependent but have their own minds and autonomy. Have a good weekend, Roderick

Jeremy Ryan said...

Cats are great! Your Isabella reminds me of my late cat Bear [also referred to on my blog as Big Boy]. They have similar faces. When you own multiple cats you learn that each one is unique and has their own personality & disposition. It's neat to see their quirks and learn about them. It's odd how they know when your sick or just need time to snuggle or a hug. They great on your nerves and do things that you wish they wouldn't but that's all part of loving them.