Saturday, August 8, 2020

Moment of Zen: Steven Lee

Steven Lee is a porn star for Falcon Studios. He’s not 100 percent my type, but he’s quite handsome and has the right equipment to be a porn star (I can’t show pics of that though). With that being said, he’s a pretty interesting guy. He is a gay man’s fantasy – Georgia born, high school jock, and smart guy – he holds a bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science. For a brief time, he showed off his assets on television, working as a TV meteorologist in Texas – can you imagine waking up to that every morning? I’d definitely be watching the news more regularly, and we have our fair share of hot anchormen in Vermont already. However, he left the news saying, “The pays awful, the hours are awful, and viewers are assholes. I did it for 2 years in 2 different cities and that was plenty!” Weathermen always seem to get the brunt of critical viewers because let’s face it, the weather is hard to predict. He currently lives in Denver, where he also performs as the drag queen MascKara.


RB said...

So is he gay? Or gay for pay?

Joe said...

From what I read, he is gay.

Jeremy Ryan said...

Hunk-O-Licious! He could easily have his way with me, if only! :)