Friday, August 21, 2020


Sometimes you see things and you just have to say, “What the fuck?” That was my response when I saw an email for Fleshjack, which included a picture of their new product the FleshSack. I think most of us get those emails for "toys," especially if you've ever bought a toy online. I actually don't mind those emails, but sometimes I do just delete them. Other times, I'm just shocked at what they've come up with new. That's how it was with this new FleshSack. 

A Fleshjack is the gay version of the Fleshlight. If you don’t know, it is a masturbation toy (sleeve) that acts as an artificial orifice “lined with stimulating textures to grip, massage, and tantalize your penis.” Fleshjack has teamed up with various porn stars, the so-called Fleshjack Boys, to create molds of their penises for dildos and special textures inside the sleeves depending on which Fleshjack Boy you choose. You can experience adult film stars such as Brent Corrigan, Johnny Rapid, Jake Bass, Levi Carter, Pierre Fitch, Boomer Banks, and others. There are about two dozen choices.


Their new product the FleshSack is a masturbation sleeve with balls attached. They describe their products as:


Slide into this back door option and you'll find that it has something extra to offer. Hanging proudly are a pair of soft, yet firm testicles to feed your fantasies. Made from the same material Fleshlight is famous for, these balls will rock in motion as you thrust in and out with every stroke. Like any anal adventure, make sure you use plenty of lube to help you glide through FleshSack's gripping inner texture.


Realistic dildoes have long had testicles attached to them. A company called Fort Troff even offers dildoes with hair, which also looks odd. It’s amazing some of the sex toys they have out there. Some look pretty innocuous. I remember my dad had one of those hard-plastic vibrators in his underwear drawer. If you’re my age or older, you probably saw advertisements in magazines for these “body vibrators.” 


These days, sex toys are getting more and more inventive and some just look strange. Fleshjack has even made “vampire” versions. I even saw Game of Throne themed dildoes once. Who wants to fuck themselves with a White Walker dick? What about a zombie dick? What people come up with is amazing. Toys range from simulating you wildest fantasy to attempts at being as realistic as possible. I am not judging, to each his own. I guess as long as you’re safe, who cares how you get off. I say have fun, but I did have to laugh at the FleshSack. It just looks so odd and amusing to me.



Jeremy Ryan said...

I surmise that new Fleshjack was made for tops so it feels more like the real thing. That's a selling point in the adult toy industry "feels like the real thing", they are always trying something to get your money. The toy may or may not live up the claim and of course you probably won't know until you try it.

The Fleshjack toy is certainly different. Not something I would have thought of and it's going to appeal to someone out there.

Interesting find.

Joe said...

Jeremy, you're right, the realness factor is a major selling point for many of these toys. No matter what they do, nothing beats the real thing. There is so much that can't be replicated and when they do try, it just falls short.

Anonymous said...

Cthulhu dildo, for when your parallel lines simply must intersect.