Saturday, August 22, 2020

Needed to Share

I rarely do random posts, but I was checking my Twitter feed and came across this, and I had to share. Brayden Harrington's speech at the DNC Convention on Thursday night was a very emotional moment, and this is a video of the moment that Joe Biden first met this kid. I don't care what you may think of Biden, but this is a major contrast to anything I have ever seen from a President, especially the one currently in the White House. The time and compassion Biden took is astounding. The fact that Biden regularly gives kids who stutter his personal phone number is one of the most beautiful things I know. I have a post I've written for next week that discusses my own speech impediment, and because of having a similar issue, this really resonated with me on a deeper level. Tears streamed down my eyes as I watched Brayden's speech, and again tears rolled down my eyes when I saw this video.

I can't say enough how badly we need compassion and empathy in the White House. It is so important that we elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on November 3, 2020.


JiEL said...

That kid was amazing and did take me tears too...

I will never undestand how «bad people» would say any bad things of J. Biden.
I loved to know him more during the DNC and seeing his life because as a Canadian, I wasn't really aware of ALL he suffered and did.

When his adversaries talk about what Biden had done «bad» in his past, well I would tell them that when you to NOTHING in your life, you'll never to mistakes.

We Canadian are so much wishing that Biden could win this election to give you a REAL President who will do a real good job for ALL USA's citizens.

HuntleyBiGuy said...

Very moving moments. How can you not tear up?