Sunday, August 23, 2020


He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Psalms 23:3


Have you ever emerged from a long hot shower and felt completely restored? Maybe it’s when you first wake up in the morning and hop in the shower and you feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Maybe it’s after a good workout and you are tired and sore, but you take that long hot shower and you step out feeling like a new person. God can do that for us too. Maybe you are sad or frustrated after receiving bad news. Maybe you are going through trying times I think we’ve all experienced trying times to some degree during 2020 and the pandemic. God can act as our long hot shower to refresh you and restore your faith. Always remember that God wants us to appreciate life even when we're going through tough situations. Next time you're in one of those situations, whether a family member is sick, you're out of work, or things just aren't falling into place, remember that God has a bigger plan for you.


The world is facing inescapable challenges: a rapidly changing climate, the risk of nuclear conflict, trade wars, a rising China, and an aggressive Russia, millions of refugees seeking shelter and security, and attacks on universal human rights and fundamental freedoms. Our next leader must repair our relationships with our allies and stand up to strongmen and thugs on the global stage to rally the world to meet these challenges. We can reclaim our longstanding position as a moral and economic leader of the world.


Today, we are in a battle for the soul of our nation. With the Black Lives Matter Movement, LGBTQ+ discrimination by the current administration, the health and welfare of the citizens of the world during this pandemic, and the last 3+ years of the Trump Administration, we are at a dangerous crossroads. Do we allow a Christian Right that props up a leader without morals and who lacks compassion, or do we try to restore the soul of the United States? Right now, we need to remember who we are. We’re Americans: tough, resilient, but always full of hope. It’s time to treat each other with dignity. Build an economy that works for everybody. Fight back against the incredible abuses of power we’re seeing. It’s time to dig deep and remember that our best days still lie ahead if we elect a true leader who is filled with empathy, compassion, and Christian faith. We must win the battle for the soul of the nation to preserve the dignity of the Republic.


George Safford said...

Amen! Excellent post today. One of hope and future.

Hot guys said...

Oh yes, Joe. 🙂 That was quite nice.

And that photo... 🔥

JiEL said...

Yesterday evening CNN broadcast and interesting program on the anniversary of the women's rights to vote and more.

I was flabbergasted of how women are still not numerous in USA's administration and more.
And adding to be a woman, being a black woman is like almost impossible to do better.

There is always the macho white man supremacy in USA.
With the «Me too», BLM, LGBTQ movements in USA, your country has a lot to manage so your motto «Land of Liberty» and «We The People» could really reflect those ideals.

As your usual self centered belly button vision, USA aren't aware that many other democratic countries are looking to you and, like me, are desapointed of how you still don't achieve equality for all your citizens.

That broadcast on CNN was really interesting and I learned more about USA's issues.

RB said...

Your pics seem to get more and more's like you want to keep the pics R-rated, but you really want to go further. So you're teetering in the edge.

Joe said...

RB, I may push the envelope from time to time, but I never show a penis. I'll show a naked butt or a VPL, but nothing more. I realize it's still NSFW, but it keeps me from having to turn on the Adult Warning filter. I want anyone to be able to access my blog that wants to, so I think of it more as PG-13, not R-rated. Some people may disagree with that assessment, but that's how I feel about it.