Friday, August 13, 2010

The Challenge Is Being Met

image A couple of weeks ago my friend Crothdiver over at Anything Male challenged me to a post about aphrodisiacs and the sensuality of food.  I did so in these posts:
Love Potion #…Nah, I’m Not Eating That
Sensuality and Food
image In turn, I challenged him to post a similar series of posts about sensuality and food. here is my challenge to him:
You have mentioned several times how much you like to cook….Well, can you plan a menu (recipes included) that would be your ideal of a sensual banquet?  What is the most romantic and sexually laced meal that you can come up with?
Crotchdiver, is exceeding even my greatest expectations.  He has not only supplied us with the wonderfully sensual foods, along with discussions of their sensuality, but also he is providing the recipes (and they are recipes that any of us can make) for these wonderful dishes.  image Escargot is the latest post and recipe.  Now eating snails is not my favorite thing in the world, but after reading his description, I might have to try it again.  The escargot I had in France was not only very chewy, but also not very tasty.  However, Crotchdivers recipe for Escargot in Garlic Basil Butter sounds as heavenly as his other recipes.  So go check out Anything Male and make these special meals for the person you love.  I guarantee it will be a sensual and rewarding experience.  Food can be such a wonderful version of foreplay.
Crotchdiver has more recipes to come, so stay tuned.


crotchdiver said...

Aw. What a nice thing to say. Thank thee for the compliment. Todays installment is about cheese. A delicacy so dear to human existence for thousands of years.

Joe said...

As soon as I get the chance I will read it. I'm certainly looking forward to it. And you are most welcome.