Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coming Out: Acceptance

As I struggled with my sexuality, I did the only thing I could think to do. I did what I had been taught to do in times of trouble and decision (not that it really was a decision). I prayed and meditated. For months on end (and even years), I had sleepless nights as I prayed and meditated for guidance. Finally, the answer came. From that answer came this poem, the third in the series.
I am who I am, that cannot change.
I do what I do, only I can decide.
I ask for guidance, God guides me.
I pray for a path, that is what I follow.
I hate no one, but I do not love all.
The path tells me who I am;
The path shows me what to do;
The path guides me in the shadows.
The wide path is hatred;
The narrow leads to love.
I pray and the path is cleared.
As I was unpacking after my move to my new house, I found a sort of diary that I wrote several years ago. Inside were three poems that I wrote about my feelings concerning coming out. 

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