Monday, August 9, 2010


My coming out saga that I have been writing will continue soon.  I did not have the time or energy to finish writing the post that I had started.

My new job went surprisingly well today.  I had not had great expectations and therefore they were surpassed.  I hope that it continues, but I am trying not to be overly optimistic. I am usually an optimistic person who looks on the bright side of life.  I try, at least, to be a happy person.  My job was not the one I wanted nor is it completely within my area of study; however, with the current job market and economy, I took what I could find.  I hope it continues to progress better than I expect.  Thanks to all my readers who sent their well wishes.  They are greatly appreciated.


Uncutplus said...

Some comments on your condoms post:

About your reference to Onan in the Bible, onanism has come to also mean masturbation as well as coitus interruptus, since it is spilling the seed on the ground.

Condoms were never called condoms when I was growing up -- they were to be properly referred to as prophylactics, as if we were to know what that word meant. Most of us just called them rubbers!

It was too embarrassing to go to the pharmacy counter and ask to buy them from the pharmacist, so the best way to buy them was to put a quarter in the vending machine in the men's rooms of service stations.

Maurice Gusman, the millionaire philanthropist whose cultural munificence to Miami (Gusman Hall of the Performing Arts downtown and the University of Miami School of Music in Coral Gables), was a "rubber baron", whose main product were condoms. He made a killing supplying the Army rubbers for American GIs in the World War.

Joe said...

Thank you for the input, Uncutplus.

Another interesting thing, during WWI, the French generals went to General Pershing (America's chief general) and offered to set up brothels and supply prophylactics fro the men. Pershing promptly said no and the reason he gave was "President Wilson would withdraws us from the war if he knew of this offer." Wilson was a notorious prude and would never have condoned brothels, and thus no condoms were distributed to soldiers during the war.

Also, do you know how Ramses condoms got their name? The condoms are named after the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II who had a large number of children – 44-56 sons and 40-44 daughters. Those are only the legitimate children. It is believed that he may have had hundreds of children altogether.