Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Is the Job I Want…


Read his shirt…Not only that, but French men have the best asses.

-The Closet Professor (AKA JoeBlow)


crotchdiver said...

Oh well now...Don't you WISH?!? As the rest of us would?!

Now considering that fact - I am SOOooo much a "grad" student in this department. Can't even decide what I want my thesis on?!? And when I set myself to condering what and how I want to "mount" my disseration on...?!?

U do the math.

Uncutplus said...

This may not be Paris, but YOU ARE OUR SEX PROFESSOR!

Joe said...

Crotchdiver and Uncutplus, the lectures would be so much fun, because they would certainly be hands on and interactive. I would have the world best curriculum.