Thursday, November 30, 2023

Pic of the Day

I’d like to have him delivered for my birthday! All he needs is to be wrapped in a bow (or not).


VRCooper said...


Does he shave yet!!

What will his mother say??

JiEL said...


Always funny how some are commenting on hair for men.
I'm 73yo and I'm totally hairless since ever and at his age, 20yo, I had not much hair and surely not on my face. Never could grow a «decent» beard or moutache.

Having hair on my pub or armpits is like a 12yo guy.

When at university at 21 to 24yo I often had issues to get inside bars as I looked like a 12 yo boy..

Which was all my life a real problem. Today many are looking for «daddies», bearded ones and hairy too so I'm no more on the scene beeing togtally hairless.

BUT I still have ALL my hair on my head with not many grey ones.

As a teacher I often saw those 15-17yo students being more hairy with beard then me.

VRCooper said...


I am not sure you understood my comment.

I am referring to the guy pictured is so young I wonder if he shaves.

Personally, I prefer men a little on the furry side. Now a little trimming/grooming to keep things in check is fine. But shaving from head to toe is a bit much. Each to their own.

Yes, some guys are hairless by way of nature. I can grow a beard in about a week or two. I grew a beard only once in my life in my early 20s. It was great looking but the upkeep was out of this world. I hate guys who grow beards and they look like they have been in a cave for a few months. Also, guys who think they can grow facial hair but it is a lost cost. Just shave it off. I started going gray in my 40s. I am a little past salt and pepper. More on the salty side.